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Palm Pre to be $599 at Radio Shack?

Apparently the kindly folks behind Radio Shack counters are slightly tired of Best Buy getting all the rumor-tastic attention.  In addition to the launch-day list of stores that should have stock for the Pre, we were also sent the above photo suggesting that - at least as of now - Radio Shack will be pricing the Pre at $599 out of contract.  Seems a might bit high to us, but at least it's not Best Buy numbers

Additionally, another Radio Shack tipster lets loose with an internal email detailing some of Radio Shack's launch-day plans.  The stuff you need to know:

  • No Pre-orders, no way, no how.  No early selling either, despite the fact that the Pre phones may very well be in the back room any day now:

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Stores CANNOT use the advance deposit functionality in the POS to "reserve" a Palm Pre for a customer, nor can any sales or "reservations" be made prior to June 6. Due to the production of the Palm Pre, initial supplies will be limited. For that reason, supply will be limited at the time of launch, and we want to ensure that all on-hand units are available for customers on the June 6 launch date.

  • No purchases with employee plans (in other words: no Pre sales for employees at first)
  • Each store will have one live demo unit that is to be attached to the hip of a Radio shack employee and may not under any circumstances be sold.
  • No transfers to other Radio Shack stores are allowed - if your local Radio Shack isn't on the stock list, don't expect that they'll be able to have one shipped over
  • Displays, training materials, and the like are headed out to stores now and should all be in place by June 4th. These materials include a video demo DVD

There you have it, folks.  Limited Radio Shack locations, no pre-orders or pre-sales of any kind allowed, and we're betting they're not even going to throw in a free 10 Ohm resistor with every purchase.

Thanks anonymous tipsters!

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Dimanche 31 Mai 2009

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