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Palm Pre as Webserver is a Go

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mardi 30 Juin 2009

Palm Pre Webserver

Turning smartphones like the Palm Pre into webservers is a time-honored tradition. A smartphone isn't a smartphone until it's been "legitimized" by some enterprising white-hat hacker making it serve web pages.

Nebula wrote in to say he's done just that and posted his results in the Pre Dev Wiki.  To get it done, he loaded Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Net-SNMP onto the device to turn it into a traditional LAMP setup (That's Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP, Python, or Perl).  Nebula even went to far as to install the Network Monitoring System Cacti.

Palm may have put a crimp on the Homebrew scene with their (necessary) security fix, but it's clear that the webOS platform and its linux core is robust enough and open enough to allow for all sorts of fun projects like this. 

Speaking of Homebrew, there's some promising signs on that front -- check out xorg's "Pinging the Collective for a New Mission" to get some preliminary details and learn how you can help!

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