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Palm Pre Training Videos (Updated)

Inside Sprint Now has posted the above video that appears to be some sort of internal training video ("Be sure to check out the available training").  It's light and airy and there's nothing you don't know here -- although it's worth noting that again the only contact sync options appear to be Google, Facebook, and Exchange. 

The video is the only one posted by the user, itechsgurl.  As for the announcer, we're thinking that it's professional "Fake Announcer" Chris Whiting - the voice seems to match and he's based in the same city as Sprint HQ: Kansas City.  (Hi Chris! Prepare for Palm Pre Fanboys to hunt down your every last personal detail online!)

Everybody, it's really going to happen.  The Pre is coming.

Thanks to Reminiz in our Pre Forums for the heads-up!

Update: Reminiz sends in another video, via Sprint Gurus, detailing email on the Pre.  It's after the break!


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Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 8 Mai 2009

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