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Palm Pre Pulled from Sprint Telesales

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 3 Juillet 2009

sprint telesales

Effective July 6th, you will need to go to a retail store to get a Palm Pre from Sprint.  Oh what a tangled web you weave, Sprint Telesales.  First, at launch and for quite awhile after that, low inventory levels meant that the Palm Pre wasn't available over the phone or on  Then on June 24th, you relented (presumably due to better stock) and turned the telesales spigot on.

Now a tipster lets us know that Sprint's internal system is alerting everybody that the Pre is being pulled from telesales, effective July 6th.  Is it due to stock levels?  Hard to say, all we know is that "Company direction has changed."

If it is due to stock levels, the silver lining here is that this move means that Pre sales are continuing to be strong.

Thanks Anonymous!

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