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Palm Pre Previewed in our Forums!

If you're a follower of our PreCentral Palm Pre forums, you're probably familiar with PedroTheGoat.  The Goat (as his friends refer to him) managed to snag a full hour with the Palm Pre and posted up his thoughts:

  • "You cannot even imagine how nice this critter feels.  Go ahead and throw the "Fisher Price" stuff out the window. [...] It fits great in the hand and has a nice ergonomic feel to it.
  • "After only about 1 minute I was able to type just as fast as on my BlackBerry."
  • The battery is good enough for a day of moderate use, but heavy users will want to pay attention to WiFi, Bluetooth, and location services.
  • The screen, and we quote: " WOWOWOWOWIE! Bright, crisp, gorgeous."
  • The browser, and we quote again: "WOWOWOWOWIE! FAST! Precentral loaded as fast as it did on my netbook! (Dieter, if you check your hits, you may see my Pre tag hit your site)" [You and about 30 others yesterday, Sir Goat! :) ]

Go on and give The Goat your congratulations!

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Lundi 1 Juin 2009

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