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Palm Pre Hacked to Run on Verizon

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 10 Juillet 2009

Cleanser in our Pre forums has successfully hacked a Pre to operate on Verizon's network. Voice and text are a go, but data isn't up and working yet:

Only problem is that I can't get data to work. Apparently webOS is checking to see if the device is provisioned or not before allowing a data session to take place. So my next step would be to somehow bypass this provisioning check.

Apparently the difficult part is getting Verizon to take the MEID of the device (its unique identifier), this despite Verizon's claims of being an open network.  It's early days, though, so we won't hold that against big V.

Speaking of early days, that's where we are at with this -- so the important thing is to keep your eyes peeled for further updates rather than go looking to apply this hack yourself.  Nevertheless, we know that more than a few people would be giddy over hearing the dulcet tones of the Verizon activation girl on a Palm Pre, so we had to post this with Cleanser's video.

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