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Palm Job Listings Hint At The Future Of WebOS

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Samedi 18 Juillet 2009

VPN Job Listing

Oh how we love job listings that reveal tantalizing details of upcoming plans.  We especially love these two listings that just recently came to our attention.

First off is a job that was apparently listed way back on May 8th on Palm's career page:

VPN Network Engineer

To work with the Linux networking components to create a great networking experience for Palm's WebOS platform. This includes modifying open-source software to meet the needs for an embedded device, developing and maintaining WebOS specific VPN networking components.

Looks like those who wanted VPN on the Pre may get their wishes. It is a bit distressing this listing was posted back in May yet still hasn't been filled.  Hopefully Palm will find a developer for this soon.

The second job listing in question was posted on the Mary-Margaret Network and really is just what the doctor ordered:

Game Frameworks Engineer

Palm is looking for developers who are passionate about gaming, handhelds, mobile communication and the possibilities for Palm in the gaming arena. The software developers we’re looking for will have strong mathematical/analytical skills and will be effective team members in a small, focused initiative.
Design, implement, debug, and optimize frameworks for game development

Wow!  This job listing is pretty fresh, being posted only on June 29th, but once the position gets filled, it'll really give something for developers to look forward to. Then disgruntled iPhone developers won't be able to brag how our Mojo SDK is bad for gaming (even though from the start Palm's been upfront about that). Aw, who are we kidding? They'll probably still complain anyway.

The way I see it, either Palm plans to create some gaming framework that has access via HTML/CSS/JavaScript but is run via a native graphics engine, or this our first hint of a native Linux SDK in the works. Though, as much as I'd like a native SDK, chances are we won't be seeing one for a while yet.

Thanks to Lisa and crazytexan for the tips.

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