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Palm Alters Developer Agreement - For Better and Potentially for Worse

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Lundi 6 Juillet 2009

A new End User Agreement for webOS developers was implemented on July 2nd that allows developers to discuss their development work a bit more. Thanks to permission from Palm, we're able to share a bit of it with you. One of the biggest changes was this short part in section 2:

2. Permitted Disclosures by Developers. Palm acknowledges and agrees that it is valuable for developers in the Program to be able to communicate with other developers and the general public about their development efforts and their applications. Palm agrees that Developer shall have the ability to discuss the Palm Materials, Developer's development efforts and Developer's Application(s) with any third party, including but not limited to blogging, website postings, and public presentations; provided however, that IN NO CASE MAY DEVELOPER PUBLISH, REPRODUCE OR DISTRIBUTE THE PALM MATERIALS, except as expressly licensed in Section 3.

So what does that really mean? Well essentially it means Early Access Program developers are no longer bound to keep quiet. Yes, that's right, there are more developers for the WebOS than you would've thought.  Myself, like many others, haven't even been able to legitimately talk about upcoming apps and the development process in general.  Now we can announce upcoming WebOS apps to the world.  Don't be surprised if over the next few weeks we hear about many developers announcing new WebOS apps that they've been working on for months now.

More details from the revised End User Agreement after the break!

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