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Over 70 Improvements Expected in Palm Pre webOS 1.2

Rédigé par milominderbinder le Dimanche 27 Septembre 2009

Since PreCentral.Net member Lethal first found the leaked Palm Pre webOS 1.2, the PreCentral forums have been abuzz with activity. Several dozen users immediately went to work and have uncovered over 70 key improvements. So far users have found support for the Paid App Catalog, real Cut and Paste, speed improvements, and possibly LED notification.

PreCentral first broke the bad news that webOS 1.2 would be delayed last week but the good news is that Palm Pre users have found improvement on almost every front!

Here's an overview of just a few of the things we're expecting in webOS 1.2, which should hit this week or (if things go badly) next.

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