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On-screen webOS keyboard continues advancing

Updated on-screen keyboard

The gang over at webOS Internals didn’t stop once they got the on-screen keyboard working for the Pre. They’ve continued trucking along, tweaking and modifying the hack to the point that it’s becoming quite usable. In the latest update (version 0.2.2), the keyboard has gained the ability to change themes on the fly (and includes a classy default theme out-of-the-virtual-box) have themes dynamically change (e.g. hitting Shift gets you an all CAPS keyboard, tapping orange switches everything to the alternate characters). Additionally, Pre owners on Bell Mobility should find that the virtual keyboard now works for them as well.

The installation instructions for the on-screen keyboard haven’t changed, so hop on over to our original post on the keyboard for directions.

Thanks to woody88 for the tip!

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Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 22 Septembre 2009

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