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Notes from Palm's Investor Conference Presentation

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mardi 11 Août 2009

As previously announced, Palm's Chief Financial Officer, Douglas Jeffries, presented today at the Pacific Crest Technology Forum in Vail, Colorado today.  We'd like Palm to finally come clean on some real sales numbers for the Palm Pre, but we'll post whatever updates we get as they come in.

Update: That's it, folks, the event is over.  Sadly, no official word on sales numbers for the Pre.  No official word on anything, actually. I had thought I'd heard a juicy tidbit about "billing teams" for the App Catalog, but it turns out it was "Building Teams" and it was just my deep-steated desire to keep carriers out of the payment process that fooled my lying ears.

Anyhow, our original notes on the investor presentation for the most rabid among you, after the break!

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