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New in the App Catalog for 23 October 2009

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 23 Octobre 2009

Well now, Palm keeps updating their app catalog at a heady pace, bringing their total number of new apps to 255. Let's see what's new:

  • YDice: Free game from ScSoft, you know it better as Yahtzee.
  • The Tip Calculator from SpeedyRob. This one's a buck even.
  • Mezzoman Free, the free version of Mezzoman
  • Cow Can. Ken Torimaru makes your Pre moo when it tip it, $.99
  • Knot Guide. $2.99 app from WinkPass Creations, with 14 categories of knots. Homebrew Graduate!
  • Absolute Fitness, $4.99 from Aqua Eagle - nutrition information and more.
  • Blackjack from Taylor Marshall, $.99
  • 15 Puzzle from Janni Kovacs, free and another Homebrew Graduate
  • vCrumbsFree from mikagika. Free way to leave 'virtual breadcrumbs' as you travel so you can find your way home
  • vCrumbs: leave more breadcrumbs for $1.49
  • Twee Free. Delicious Morsel lands in the App Catalog at long last! Homebrew Graduate, natch
  • Twee Finally hits too! $2.99 for this full-featured Twitter App.
  • Tiny Twitter $1.99 for this Twitter app from Tiny Byte Software. Let's see if their webOS work is as quality as their WinMo work.
  • GoodMuslim from Xivix Software, another Homebrew Graduate, free.
  • Jobr, free job search app from WebFusion5 - and yes, it's a Homebrew Graduate
  • FlashCards Lite, A free flashcard app from James Harris. You know the score by now, it's a Homebrew Graduate
  • FlashCards the $6.99 version with more features, natch.
  • Calql8 Tips from Calql8, YATC (Yet Another Tipc Calculator), but it's free with a clever name
  • Trivia from Europa Pictures. $4.99 to test your knowledge with 2,000 questions
  • Bible Trivia, also from Europa Pictures, $5.99 for 4,600 bible questions
  • Blocked $1.99 for this excellent Homebrew Graduate game from Brandon VanBelle
  • Tally Counter, $.99 from InspiringApps lets you count people as they pass by, yo.
  • Timebits is $4.99 from and helps you track your time
  • Conmigo, $5.99 from ConmigoLife, provides online tracking of running, walking and biking events in real time
  • Stopwatch / Timer is $.99 Homebrew Graduate from 6 Crackers Software
  • Blocks, $2.99 from Den Falske Zebra is the classic traffic game, 100 puzzles in here.
  • Super Hangman Free, Free, by Free version of Pro app.
  • Super Hangman Pro, $2.99, by Kill time with more than 1000 words to hang yourself from.
  • Where Is My Pre?, Free, by Ryan Steffer Technologies: Log your phone's location online to track it down if lost or stolen. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate xluryan!

There were plenty of updates too.  Anything from this getting space on your Pre? This blogger is buying Twee right this second.

Update: d0lph1nK1ng lets us know that one of the updates was for dkGoogleVoice, fixing the Google Voice login issues. The same applies to gDial Pro.

Update 2: Trapster has returned, and Super Hangman Pro has joined the Catalog.

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