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New in the App Catalog for 16 October 2009

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Samedi 17 Octobre 2009

App CatalogNormally we save this for the morning after, but Palm saw fit to bless us mere mortals with a veritable cornucopia of apps today, bringing nearly two dozen new paid apps into the Catalog. Here’s what landed:

  • ActiveCard, $4.99, by Customizable app launcher, quick contact list, calendar viewer, news reader, clock, and more. That “agenda” screen you’ve been waiting for.
  • Brick, $0.99, by Ovlite: Bust away bricks with your paddle and ball.
  • Chameleon, $0.99, by Ryan Steffer Technologies: Change your wallpaper base on your location.
  • ColorClip, $0.99, by mathslice: Clear the board of marbles by selecting groups of the same color.
  • Dealert, $1.99, by Kevin Foreman: Add a product you want to the list and Dealert will automatically check for price drops.
  • dkGoogleVoice, $2.99, by d0lph1nK1ng Software: Integrated Google Voice client. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate d0lph1nK1ng!
  • ELLE Astrology, $2.99, by Skava: Grab your horoscope and self-help advice.
  • FMCaltrain, $2.99, by FiveMicro, LLC: Check the Caltrain schedule, plan your trips, and more.
  • Golf Caddie, $9.99, by DTW Consulting: GPS-enabled golfing assistant and score tracker.
  • Hebrew Calendar, $2.99, by Avner Arbel: Keep track of everything going on inside the Jewish calendar.
  • I’m Here, $0.99, by Ken Torimaru: Send your location and map link to friends with a quick message (SMS, MMS, and Email).
  • LaunchPoint Speed Dial, $0.99, by worthwhileTech: Add pop-up contacts with phone, email, and SMS abilities to the launcher. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate worthb!
  • Peg IQ, $0.99, by Engine Equals Car: The classic triangular peg game, can you get it down to just one peg?
  • Phone Home, $0.99, by GeezerNetwork: Pick a phone number for quick one-tap dialing.
  • PopBlocks, $0.99, by nasprex: Tap groups of matching blocks to clear the screen and win.
  • ptHealth, $4.99, by Track a log of your health, including weight, blood pressure, and more.
  • Screamager, $0.99, by i-marco: Blast a marquee message across the room like an old-fashioned LED light board. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate TheMarco!
  • Sudoku Classic, $2.99, by Skava: The classic version of the addictive game.
  • Tank Tracker, $1.99, by Epic North: Track and chart the fuel use and mileage of multiple vehicles.
  • The Surprise, $0.99, by Wingedchariot: The first children’s picturebook for webOS.
  • Unit Converter, $0.99, by Ovlite: Quick and easy unit conversions.

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