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New in the App Catalog for 16 October 2009

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Samedi 17 Octobre 2009 | Lu 671 fois

App CatalogNormally we save this for the morning after, but Palm saw fit to bless us mere mortals with a veritable cornucopia of apps today, bringing nearly two dozen new paid apps into the Catalog. Here’s what landed:

  • ActiveCard, $4.99, by Customizable app launcher, quick contact list, calendar viewer, news reader, clock, and more. That “agenda” screen you’ve been waiting for.
  • Brick, $0.99, by Ovlite: Bust away bricks with your paddle and ball.
  • Chameleon, $0.99, by Ryan Steffer Technologies: Change your wallpaper base on your location.
  • ColorClip, $0.99, by mathslice: Clear the board of marbles by selecting groups of the same color.
  • Dealert, $1.99, by Kevin Foreman: Add a product you want to the list and Dealert will automatically check for price drops.
  • dkGoogleVoice, $2.99, by d0lph1nK1ng Software: Integrated Google Voice client. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate d0lph1nK1ng!
  • ELLE Astrology, $2.99, by Skava: Grab your horoscope and self-help advice.
  • FMCaltrain, $2.99, by FiveMicro, LLC: Check the Caltrain schedule, plan your trips, and more.
  • Golf Caddie, $9.99, by DTW Consulting: GPS-enabled golfing assistant and score tracker.
  • Hebrew Calendar, $2.99, by Avner Arbel: Keep track of everything going on inside the Jewish calendar.
  • I’m Here, $0.99, by Ken Torimaru: Send your location and map link to friends with a quick message (SMS, MMS, and Email).
  • LaunchPoint Speed Dial, $0.99, by worthwhileTech: Add pop-up contacts with phone, email, and SMS abilities to the launcher. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate worthb!
  • Peg IQ, $0.99, by Engine Equals Car: The classic triangular peg game, can you get it down to just one peg?
  • Phone Home, $0.99, by GeezerNetwork: Pick a phone number for quick one-tap dialing.
  • PopBlocks, $0.99, by nasprex: Tap groups of matching blocks to clear the screen and win.
  • ptHealth, $4.99, by Track a log of your health, including weight, blood pressure, and more.
  • Screamager, $0.99, by i-marco: Blast a marquee message across the room like an old-fashioned LED light board. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate TheMarco!
  • Sudoku Classic, $2.99, by Skava: The classic version of the addictive game.
  • Tank Tracker, $1.99, by Epic North: Track and chart the fuel use and mileage of multiple vehicles.
  • The Surprise, $0.99, by Wingedchariot: The first children’s picturebook for webOS.
  • Unit Converter, $0.99, by Ovlite: Quick and easy unit conversions.

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