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New ZonaSnap Screen Capture Utility

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Dimanche 28 Juin 2009

ZonaSnap Screen Capture Utility!

Sure CaptureIt is a great application but it falls short on some features as it's a very basic application. Some people may like that, while others may want more. ZonaSnap gives us all just a little more in the way of options with its utility, and just like CaptureIt does it for free.

ZonaSnap allows you to preview your screen caps before you save them so you are sure you got the pic you wanted and then save if you do so choose. However, the integration doesn't stop there, it also allows you to email the capture or send it to photobucket for image hosting. One thing it does not allow though, is to send to BlackBerry Messenger contacts - not that big of a deal but hopefully the developer will indeed add that in a later update. Check It out today for free, available in English and Spanish translations as well!'s feed sponsored by New ZonaSnap Screen Capture Utility

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