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New Apps rolling into Official App Catalog Again

Rédigé par Robert Werlinger le Vendredi 9 Octobre 2009

Golly, we've been spoiled with apps this week. First with a slew of apps on Monday, and now with a few today. Here's whats new as of this writing, we may see more to roll in throughout the day:

  • Intersection ($0.99): Quickly sends your location out via text.
  • Flashlight (Free): A flashlight app, as the name implies.
  • Dose ($0.99): Medical dosage calculator.
  • CL USB Sync (Free): Synchronizes PC contacts, calander, tasks, and memos.  It does require a $39.95 piece of software downloaded from their website
  • Bogus Caller ($0.99): Simulates a real looking and real sounding phone call. Get out of meeting free card?
  • Blobbers ($0.99): Another Homebrew Graduate, congrats Anver Arbel.
  • m:Mafia 40 Favor ($4.99): Buy favors with money, not kindness.
  • m:Vampire 40 Gems ($4.99): Stock up on gems.
  • FriendsFlow ($1.99): It's back!
  • TipIt (Free): Tip calculator, from Homebrew Graduate adma84!
  • ScreamIt ($0.99): Blast a scrolling message across the room in place where you can't - or don't want to - be heard. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate d0lph1nK1ng!
  • TealShopper ($4.95): List, tasks, and errands manager from TealPoint.
  • Color Match ($1.99): Memory and brain training app.
  • Wooter (Free): Get access to all the various woots!
  • Speed Brain Deluxe ($1.99): Memory and brain training app.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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