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Motorola to Make Low-End Android Phones ?

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Vendredi 3 Juillet 2009

We've been (im)patiently waiting for a Motorola Android Phone since Android was announced. And though we've had leaks and revelations, the (personally) much anticipated Motorola Android Phone has yet to be found. So what are they doing?

Business analysts are saying that Motorola is re-targeting their Android efforts for the low to middle-end of the smartphone market. This is saddening but incredibly sensible news, Motorola has to turn a profit in order to survive. The best way to do it may be to offer a highly affordable mass market smartphone.

Competing with the likes of the iPhone, Blackberry, and Pre could prove much too difficult especially for a company in rocky waters like Motorola. One huge failure could sink an entire company--not everyone can turn around their company with one device. Palm and the Pre are the exception not the rule.

And if you could get a free Motorola Android smartphone or at most, a $99 Android smartphone, wouldn't that be more compelling than all those dumbphones on the market? If you're competing against phones inferior to yours, isn't that 'guaranteed' victory? Makes sense to us. Granted, this is just business analyst-speak, it's sound advice. As sad as it is to see a company known to push the envelope, play it safe, it's the product of the times. Hopefully Motorola will address the speculation soon.

And if we're lucky, let's hope that the still hotly anticipated Motorola Calgary or Ironman is still on track for release. Don't take that away from us Moto! What do you guys think?

[via androidauthority]

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