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Mojo SDK Hints at the Future of Clipboard: Improvements on the Way?

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Jeudi 27 Août 2009

Ever since CES, Palm has been adamant that WebOS would have copy and paste, something the iPhone didn't have at the time. What Palm didn't say at the time was that their cut/copy only worked in editable text fields, leaving much of the WebOS clipboard-less. But don't despair, an update may be on the way.

While checking out Palm webOSdev page for the Mojo StageController, I can across this interesting tidbit (emphasis ours):

Mojo.Controller.StageController.setClipboard(escapeHTML:, escapeHTML
This allows the client application to send text to the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere later.
{Boolean} escapeHTML:
ignored in initial setClipboard api; later will allow pasting of rich text

Folks, you heard it here first: a more advanced clipboard seems to be in the works.  Granted it could simply mean this future clipboard will be able to handle bold, italic and underlined text in the RichTextEdit widget, which isn't as exciting, but still much needed functionality. Our hope is that Palm is working on a way to select text in their HTML/Rich Text views (ex. the browser and email app, for a start).

Regardless, it does show Palm has some plans in the works for cut/copy/paste to handle more than plain text.  And let's be honest here, chances are Palm has heard our complaints about the current limited clipboard.  It's only a matter of time before Palm does eventually get around to implementing a stronger, more capable version, right?

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