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Mitch Allen Hosting More WebOS Webcasts

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Lundi 31 Août 2009

Palm's own Mitch Allen is teaming up with O'Reilly Media once again to bring us another free webcast on WebOS development.  Mitch Allen, Palm's Vice President and Software Chief Technology Officer, previously did another WebOS development webcast way back in February, so it's good to see some follow-up now that the device is out in the public in two countries.

The webcast is scheduled September 9th at 10am PST, will last 1 hour, and is titled "Application Basics."

This session begins with an overview of the basic webOS application structure and a demo of the core SDK developer tools, and includes detail presentations on the application launch lifecycle, and Mojo controllers and methods.

Keen readers might remember the title "Application Basics" as the name of the second chapter of the Palm WebOS book.  Indeed this webcast will be covering this chapter, as an aid to the book (and a nice resource for those who haven't bought the book).

That's not all. It appears Mitch Allen will be doing a webcast for each chapter of the book in a webcast series:

The webcasts in this series follow the Developing Applications for webOS: A Preview webcast (based on Chapter 1) presented in February 2009, with in-depth presentations on individual chapters in the book. Each webcast will cover concepts and background material, followed by a detailed example built using a sample application, News. Over the course of the series you will step through the construction of the complete application.

This is perfect opportunity for those interesting in developing for the WebOS to take a stab at it, following this free webcast series and learning how to make an application that takes full advantage of the Mojo SDK.

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