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Layar Augmented Reality App Shows Off 3D Engine

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mercredi 23 Septembre 2009

The next big feature for smartphones (and all mobile devices, really) is the augmented reality browser. Augmented Reality applications show the world around you in a brand new way--through the looking glass of your smartphone. Layar is a pioneer of this new method of 'seeing the world' and they've just unveiled their 3D-engine to make their browser all the more real.

The 3D-engine in the Layar Reality Browser kicks Augmented Reality Browsers up a notch. Developers can now tag real-life objects with 3D text or even drop 3D images in the browser. In Layar's words, "the addition of 3D enables Layar developers to create more realistic and immersive augmented reality experiences for mobile devices." 

The video above shows a hilarious Pac-Man game being played in your average park, though that in itself doesn't do much for end-users, developers will certainly take advantage of the added depth that 3D enables.

We're big fans of Augmented Reality Browsers and Layar is definitely an application we've kept a close eye on. We can't wait to see what 3D can do to an already wonderful Android application.


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