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Is the T-Mobile Pulse Actually an Android Phone Made by Huawei ?

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 17 Août 2009


The T-Mobile Pulse just received its Wi-Fi certificate, why is that important? Well, because the Pulse is actually the Huawei 8220, why is that important? Because the Huawei 8230 was once announced to be an Android phone. 8220, 8230--see the similarities?

So if we take a tiny leap of faith, this Huawei 8220 may be code-numbered for a specific region, with the other 8230 designated for another region. We were very excited about the Huawei 8230 because it just oozed polish and quality. And so far, the specs of the 8220 seem like a good enough start to maintain our excitement--3.5 inch touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3MP camera, etc. Sounds good on T-Mobile, right?

If you haven't heard of Huawei before, don't worry, it's not because they're some two-bit company. Huawei is like HTC before you knew who HTC was. We'll continue to keep an eye out for the T-Mobile Pulse/Huawei 8220/8230 because more Android phones is always a good thing.

[via tmonews]

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