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How to take screenshots on the Pre

Rédigé par Jennifer Chappell le Mardi 14 Avril 2009

MobileCrunch has posted up a short article about how you can take screenshots on the Palm Pre.  I never thought about that even being possible.  I had read that to take a photo, you can use the space bar on the keyboard.

Well, according to MobileCrunch, they've learned that to take screenshots with the Pre, you simply hold the Orange, Sym, and P keys as seen in MobileCrunch's pic above.  And voila, you have a screenshot of whatever is on your screen. Sweet!

I'm always needing a screenshot app for articles and reviews, and sometimes they can be a real pain.  For example, the screenshot app that I'm currently using on my Centro has the "return" key mapped to take a screenshot.  So... whenever I'm writing a memo or other text document and hit the return key to go to the next line, my Centro takes a screenshot instead.  So I have to go and disable the screenshot app or map another key.  On my Treo Pro, I have the Windows icon key mapped for screenshots, and that works so much better.

But Wow, how great to know that the Pre will have a built-in screenshot feature! That will really come in handy to lots of people.

Here's how behind I am on knowing stuff about my own iPhone. MobileCrunch mentions in the article that you can take screenshots on the iPhone by pressing two buttons.  I only recently learned that you could do that when I got the free app Whiteboard.  And even then, I figured that the screenshot capability was just something inside Whiteboard.  I had no idea that I could have been taking screenshots all this time on my iPhone. Duh!!

Anyway, with the Pre, luckily the Sym and P keys are both on one side of the keyboard or it would be like playing "Twister" with our fingers in order to take a screenshot on the Pre.  I'm not sure exactly how many people would actually use the screenshot function, but I bet a lot you reading would. How about it?  Anybody use screenshot apps often, and what do you think about being able to take screenshots on the Pre by just pressing some buttons as opposed to buying an app for that?

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