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How is webOS 1.1 Treating You?

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Vendredi 31 Juillet 2009

webOS giveth, webOS taketh awayHere at we all cheered for the much-improved Exchange support and revived iTunes syncing baked into webOS 1.1.0 for the Palm Pre, but as it turns out the extra baking burned the OS in a few spots, creating new bugs and glitches in various apps.

We’ll start off on a positive note by pointing out one of our favorite undocumented features in webOS 1.1: text selection in Memos is improved. You can now double tap on a word to select the entire word (or tap-tap-hold to select more words), or triple tap to select the entire paragraph; this functionality does not appear to have migrated to any other apps. Only problem is, a single tap results in no cursor placement – you have to do a slow double tap (about half a second) to place the cursor. This, of course, makes moving around slightly more difficult, and updates aren’t supposed to make things more difficult.

Of course, many homebrew hacks were broken down, including the extra launcher pages, universal search additions, and persistent landscape email mode. Most can simply be reapplied, but when the underlying application is updated, the hacked/modified files will also be overwritten. There’s a growing list of affected hacks over in our forum, and the homebrew community has been updating their patches and apps to work with 1.1.

Something about the update also temporarily crippled the WHERE application, though they quickly worked with Palm to push out a WHERE update a few hours after webOS 1.1 landed.

Whether this was a bug or a choice on Palm’s part, the notifications display method has changed. When the device is active, a new email or message just bings and puts the requisite icon in the notification bar instead of a temporary large heads-up bar with a preview of the notification. While this may be good for battery life, this somewhat deflates the unobtrusive part of the notifications by making me stop what I’m doing and tap the notification bar to see more than just “you have a new email.” At the same time, some users are receiving notifications of new emails already received when viewing that same email, which is frankly just odd.

There are also reports of now-poor battery life, though the majority are reporting similar or better battery life than their pre-1.1.0 phones. And of course, there are the scattered cries of bricked Pre phones and some stuck in an infinite reset loop. If that’s you, our heart goes out to you, we know all too well how much being there sucks.

That’s some of what we’ve noticed and heard of so far. How is webOS 1.1 treating you?

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