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How developers submit apps to Marketplace

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Mardi 25 Août 2009

We're getting closer day by day to the long-awaited launch of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. In the slideshow above (hit the full-screen button if you actually want to see anything) we get a look at what developers see when they're registering apps for the Marketplace. Inside baseball, for sure, but interesting nonetheless. [via Windows Mobile Team blog]

And one item to note is on Slide 8, under "Payment Information." It appears that to pay through the Mobile Operator system, an app must be priced using choices Microsoft provides. Otherwise, purchase is only available using a credit card. (See our previous discussion on 99-cent apps.)

Choose a price for your product from the list of available Mobile Operator price points below. The prices in each market are calculated based on your selection.

The number of Mobile Operator price points is limited but ensures that your application will be available for purchase via mobile operator billing (with participating operators). If you wish to select a different price point select "choose your own price." In this case, users will only be able to pay for your application using a credit card.

We'll just have to see what kind of headaches that causes. If you want some more goodies, check after the jump for a slide show of how developers register for the Marketplace.


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