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How about a Command Line Terminal on your Pre?

Sure, you've downloaded the SDK and perhaps even gotten yourself Linux access (aka rooting), but that's so yesterday.  The new hotness is running a command line terminal directly on your Pre.

Rick lets us know that the goodly folks at have done it and have posted up instructions.  Huge credit goes out to everybody who contributed to the project.

Why would you do this?  Well, because it's there, obviously.  But also because you can then execute commands directly on the Pre - commands that let you download and install homebrew apps and packages without having to tether to your computer.

It's early alpha stage right now, so be sure you feel confident with this linux stuff and take it slow:

This is early-alpha software. Consider yourself lucky if it works at all. Many people have put many hours of hard work in to get just this far - respect that effort when making comments and suggestions. It is a dumb terminal. You can not run full screen apps yet. There is no esc key. The SYM key is the control key. To scroll the screen, flick the screen. (Hint, it's a Pre app.)

Thanks to Rick for the heads-up and to @en0x for the screenshot!

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Vendredi 24 Juillet 2009

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