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Hands-On with the Inventec V112 and its MEMS Display

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 3 Avril 2009

While most of us are waiting for widespread use of OLED screens on smartphones, there's another little screen technology -- brand name "mirasol" -- that Qualcomm is pushing.  It's based on MEMS and the short version is that it's highly reflective, takes very little power, and is currently monochrome only. 

At any rate, Inventec was hiding out at Qualcomm's booth with their v112.  Except for the aforementioned mirasol display, it's your standard Windows Mobile 6.1 GSM slab -- running a custom version of SPB Mobile Shell as a skin.  The mirasol display sits underneath a touch-sensitive area that acts as your 5-day d-pad and displays notifications, current song, or just the date.

Price and availability unclear, but Inventec claims they are hoping for a worldwide launch.  A few more shots below.



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