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Google Maps updated to 3.2.1

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Mercredi 26 Août 2009

Google Maps

Another week, another release of Google Maps for Windows Mobile. [via XDA] And, lookie, they even gave us release notes again. Here's what's new in Version 3.2.1:

  • Places of interest: Selectable icons and labels on the map allow you to choose prominent businesses or places of interest in order to see business info, reviews, photos, Wikipedia articles, and a lot of other local information. To select an icon or label, use the 5-way pad or joystick to pan it to the center of the screen or tap it on touchscreen phones. Learn more about these icons and labels already available on
  • Favorite Places (English only): Explore the favorite places of local experts from cities around the world. Find out where they like to go, and why, from their own perspectives. From the Maps main menu, go to 'Layers' > 'More Layers' > 'Favorite places.' You can also see these on your computer by going to
  • Layers: The "More Layers" list of layers is now organized as a tree of layer categories.

Go get 'er here (desktop) or here (cab).

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