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Google Maps 3.2: Introducing 'Layers'

Rédigé par Malatesta le Mercredi 22 Juillet 2009

Well, looky here!  Google did a major update to Google Maps for mobile.  Previous version was v3.0.1.6 and the new one is a spanking v3.2.  Such a leap must mean something new and sure enough, there is Google Layers a hitherto unknown feature from our overlords.

Layers allow you to add extra information to your current view, including Wikipedia entries.  That's right, you can now pull down localized Wikipedia info which appear as iconic "W"s on your screen.  Selecting them will bring up a lil' info bubble on that area.  Other "layers" include traffic, transit and My Maps which are your personal customized maps (done via desktop).  Huzzah!  That's pretty darn cool.

They've also fixed a few bugs, re-enabled copy/paste from various field (thank you), additional search results and...well shoot, they even put all this info in an actual 'Release Notes' file which you can read in gory detail.

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