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Google Developing Eyes Free Android Interface

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 8 Juin 2009

This is why we love Android. Reports are surfacing that Google is beginning to develop an 'eyes free' interface for Android that'll allow users to adequately navigate applications without the need to actually see the input screen. This new eyes-free interface can allow visually impaired people to use Android effectively. In fact, we can even see the usefulness of an eyes free interface in normal-sighted people as well. Just imagine being able to use your phone without even looking at it!

According to T.V. Ramen, a Google researcher:

“We are building a user interface that goes over and beyond the screen,” says Raman. Often, eyes-free interfaces are employed for blind users, but Raman, who himself is blind, assures that these interfaces have much broader implications. “This is not just about the blind user,” he says. “This is about how to use these devices if you’re not in a position to look at the machine.”

We're definitely excited to see how this plays out. Watch the video to see a demo of this 'eyes free' interface!

[via technologyreview]

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