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Google Blocks Cupcake Users From Android Market


There are reports that users who have uploaded Cupcake onto their G1's are not being allowed access to the Android Market. So if you're running Cupcake, chances are you won't get any access to applications. And here we thought Google and Android were the good guys.

At first, it seemed as if those running Cupcake on their Android devices wouldn't run into any problems but as more and more people started to port over the Cupcake update, Google apparently took notice. They reportedly shut down access to Android Market for Cupcake users to deter further upgrading. Supposedly this is affecting the 'G' build of Cupcake for now, the 'H' build still has access.

We think it's incredibly lame of Google and Android to ban certain users from accessing Android Market. In the name of all things open-source, we thought we had free reign with our devices. More importantly, if Google didn't delay this Cupcake launch--we wouldn't even be having this problem.

[via bgr]

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Vendredi 17 Avril 2009

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