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First webOS homebrew app says "hello"

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Jeudi 11 Juin 2009

Homebrew webOS

That didn’t take long. It’s the simple things really, like getting the NASCAR application to do your bidding and say “Hello World!” scm6079 in our webOS Development forum has taken advantage of the recently uncovered webOS ROM reflash tool to cut his teeth in programming for the mobile Linux operating system, and the above is the result. It’s pretty basic, as you can see here, the hacked app will let you launch the camera app, activate the camera’s LED flash, and make the vibrator shimmy. Palm, we recommend that you get the Mojo SDK all finished up and public soon before these guys hack the Pre until it’s a steaming pile of silicon made to do their bidding.

[picture via Engadget]

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