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Facebook 1.5 Update Coming Tonight - Issue Fixes

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Vendredi 24 Avril 2009

Facebook 1.5 Getting Updated Tonight

After much anticipation, Facebook 1.5 was officially released earlier this week which led to a whack load of blog comments and CrackBerry forum posts and lots of initial feedback from the user community. Reading through, it became apparent that a few little bugs were present. RIM must be paying attention, as we received some intel today letting us know that users should check later tonight for an updated release that addresses some issues:

  • ISSUE: Default Calendar - Facebook calendar pre-empts existing device calendars. Issue resolved for new installations only, existing users are required to follow the manual process to reset their default device calendar.
    • Manual Steps: options/advanced options/default services/reset calendar to the correct service
  • ISSUE: Phone Number Requested when Manually Linking Contacts - A Facebook phone number request is automatically sent on a manual friend connection, users will be prompted if they want to request a phone number on a manual connection.

I'm not sure what time the updated version will go live... so if you Facebook addicts can manage the wait I'd probably just check in the morning :-)'s feed sponsored by Facebook 1.5 Update Coming Tonight - Issue Fixes

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