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Early Access Program Starts Accepting Devs

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Lundi 13 Avril 2009

Not too long ago Palm announced their Early Access Program, a way for select lucky developers to get their hands on the not-yet-complete SDK to help with testing, feedback, and suggestions.

Well, a few days ago, Gray Norton of Palm posted on the devloper blog.  They've been "thrilled and, frankly, awed" by the developer response and the high number of applications they've received so far.

Currently their schedule appears to be letting small batches of developers in each week  And as to what Palm is looking for in the developers they choose, Palm's Developer Community Manager, Chuq Von Rospach, said it best (and quite generically):

There's no easy answer, but that sounds like a cop out, I know. It isn't (well, mostly).  I'm not the only person evaluating, but I look for well-thought out product ideas that fit the product feature set well. But I also look for people who seem able to jump in and get productive quickly and will be able to supply good feedback.

When casually asked how approximately how many developers get accepted into the Early Access Program in each batch of invites, Chuq responded:

Depends on how fast I type. Somewhere between <mumble> and <redacted>.

At least they've kept their sense of humor!  Just a reminder, if you're a developer and would like to apply for the Early Access Program, you can still do so here.  And for more details, check their offical Early Access Program FAQs page.

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