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Do You Have Palm Pre Hardware Issues?

Many Pre owners are complaining about cracks, wobbles with the slider, and other quality control issues. Above, you can see a quick video of the hardware issues I'm experiencing with my own Sprint-store, Launch-day Palm Pre. A quick tour through our Palm Pre Forums reveals many of our users are dealing with similar issues:

...and many others.  The issue has also been brought up at jkOnTheRun and elsewhere.  Several readers have noticed that there may be at least two different manufacturing runs in play here as exemplified by different-colored paper ribbons about the in-box documentation.

Long-time Palm fans will note that Quality Control has been an issue with Palm handsets throughout the history of the company and even with the spin-off Handspring (later re-integrated) back in the day. Many users have exchanged their Pre phones (multiple times in some cases) as well.

I was initially have been reticent to say that this is a systemic Quality Control or hardware issue. After all, it's common for the complaint ratio to be slightly higher in our forums and on the internet in general, people who are happy may not be as likely to post about it. 

At this stage, though, it does appear that we may be looking at a rather large set of Pre phones with poor build quality, but as-yet its unclear if the issues are related to a particular run or a problem with the overall design and materials.

How is your Pre holding up, hardware-wise?  Have you had to exchange it?

[YouTube Link for Pre Browser (Live when YouTube makes it)]

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Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mardi 30 Juin 2009

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