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DemoMaker Screen Recorder From ToySoft Inc.

Rédigé par Adam Zeis le Lundi 8 Juin 2009

DemoMaker DemoMaker

If you have the need to record video on your device, you may be at a loss looking for a good app.  Unfortunately there really aren't too many inexpensive options available.  Enter DemoMaker from ToySoft Inc.  This unique application lets you "record video" directly on your device.  To achieve this, the application takes a series of screen captures and saves them to your memory card.  You later convert the images to a standard movie file on a computer and you're done.  You can choose the frame rate and compression as well at the maximum frames to be stored.  The app is easy to use once it's all set.  You start recording, run through your screens and stop recording.  You also have the ability to setup an intro and credit screen (beginning and end) with totally customizable text.  The downside to this app is that you will have to use a JPG to AVi (or other movie format) converter on your PC, and tweak the settings to get the movie to turn out well.  DemoMaker has a quick walkthrough in the Help screen that will give you all the steps.  I'm sure this kind of application isn't for everyone, and it's not perfect, but if you have been searching for a way to get video from your device this is a great option.  The app works on all devices running OS 4.2 or higher.  You can grab DemoMaker from for a special price of $2.95 (regularly $4.95) through June 30th.'s feed sponsored by DemoMaker Screen Recorder From ToySoft Inc.

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