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Customize Sound Profiles on the BlackBerry Tour

Rédigé par Adam Zeis le Lundi 13 Juillet 2009

How to customize the sound profile settings on your BlackBerry Tour (and Storm) on OS 4.7

Sound Settings

So you've given up on your old BlackBerry 83xx or 88xx series device and moved on to something better like a Bold, Curve 8900 or maybe the BlackBerry Tour. The old 4.5 OS (or even 4.3 or gasp.. 4.2.2) has been kicked to the curb, and now you have a bigger, more refined OS at your disposal in the form of version OS 4.6 (Bold / Curve 8900 / Pearl Flip / Curve 8350i) or 4.7 (Tour / Storm). You will notice some obvious changes in the look and feel. BlackBerry Messenger has been overhauled and the media is layed out a bit different (even more changes are slated for version 5.0 device software). It's all pretty straight forward in terms of use, but one area where the move up to 4.7 on your new Tour will require some adjustment is to the new Profile settings - or should I say Sounds.

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