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Chapura to bring Outlook and Palm Desktop sync to Pre

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 8 Juin 2009

PocketMirror for webOS - Coming Soon

You’ve got a brand new Palm Pre, and you’ve got Outlook on your computer with all your contacts and calendars, and you’re looking at the two and trying to figure out how to get them to talk. While Palm does have the Data Transfer Assistant to pull your stuff out of Outlook, throw it into the cloud, and then push it down to the Pre, it’s no substitute for actual synchronization. Chapura, makers of the PocketMirror Palm OS-Outlook sync program have declared their intent to bring PocketMirror to webOS. The newest version of PocketMirror will not only sync your Outlook contacts to your Pre, but will do it over your local Wi-Fi network, eliminating any concerns you may have about syncing your data into the unsecured cloud. PocketMirror for webOS, which Chapura’s website claims is 'coming soon,' will create a new Synergy account for Contacts and Calendar, enabling you to sync to-and-from Outlook with ease. Chapura will also be releasing Echo, a program that will do the exact same thing as PocketMirror, but with Palm Desktop! With the recently-announced The Missing Sync from mark/space also on the way, it’s looking like the cloud-averse are going to have plenty of options for the coveted local sync.

Thanks to Brian for the tip!

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