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Can't wait: NaNplayer Coming Soon and Looks Great

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Mardi 1 Septembre 2009

[link for Pre users]

So, the stock webOS Music app is functional and all, but it’s got some shortcomings. You can't save your place in a song, you can't make playlists on the device, you can’t even scrub a song to find that one part you really like. But PreCentral forum member Blubble is out to fix that with his own homebrew music player. He recently put together a large update for the app, now named NaNplayer, and we’ve got to admit, it’s rather impressive.

In addition to impressive on-device playlist creation and management, NaNplayer also adds in a very unique location-based playlist feature. With the location playlist you can assign GPS coordinates to a playlist, and when you’re in the area you can easily pull it up and listen to the music (fun surfer music for when you visit the beach, relaxing tunes to sooth your nerves at the office, etc). NaNplayer also loads markedly faster than the stock app (it doesn’t bother with counting the number of songs on the phone or displaying album artwork just for effect). Users will even be able to select from different skins and eventually even sideload their own apps.

NaNplayer is actually a very impressive app for having been built from the ground-up. Heck, it’d be impressive even if it wasn’t.

We’ve got two more videos after the break, exploring playlists and location playlists.

Blubble of NaNapps looks to release NaNplayer in the official App Catalog when the time comes.

[via PalmInfoCenter]

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