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Bartender Pro - What drink can you make?

Rédigé par Ryan Blundell le Lundi 3 Août 2009

Bartender Pro

Ah Summer - sun burns, shorts and sandals. There's still plenty of Summer left, and you know what that means. Time to throw another party! I don't know about the weather where you are, but here, it's been stifling hot out the past week or so. I guess I shouldn't complain though, it's also been beautifully sunny out. One way to beat the heat is with a cool drink. While I prefer sticking with water, lemonade or iced tea, some may opt for something stronger. You may see someone at the party attempting to make a crazy concoction. Feeling Adventurous? Yes? Feeling Tipsy?...maybe? Perhaps you should leave the drinks to a pro, Bartender Pro.

Bartender Pro is a fun application providing you with access to classic recipes, popular recipes and some that I've never even heard of; over 300 in total! You can even enter what ingredients you have and Bartender Pro will help you figure out what you can create! Maybe even a Flaming Homer perhaps? Just to be safe, why don't you hand over your car keys before taking a look at Bartender Pro?

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