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BTSidekick for BlackBerry

Rédigé par Ryan Blundell le Jeudi 30 Juillet 2009


We have our family vacation coming up and we're pretty excited about it. I may even be able to bring my BlackBerry with me! Despite having my Bold practically velcroed to my hands, I'll have no problems setting it down and hitting the beach. My wife and I are the kind of people who make sure we plan for everything; food, supplies, games-you name it we plan it. The one thing we don't think of, is figuring out where potentially necessary hotels, banks and such are located in a town we've never been to. We don't want to end up skimming through the yellow pages or driving around dividing our attention between store-front signs and the street.

BTSidekick is one of the many applications out there that will help you, as they say, "find the things you need while on the move". It offers quick access to various businesses located near you, all categorized for convenience. It takes 411, and the map that is probably plastered across your dash, out of the equation and puts rapid, easy searches in your hands. Of course, you should make sure you concentrate on the road, not the screen - pull over to conduct your search. Read on for more information!

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