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BBFileScout Updated to v0.5.14!!

Rédigé par Ryan Blundell le Samedi 4 Avril 2009

BBFileScout Updated

Well that didn't take too long. We just had a look at BBFileScout and compared it to File Manager Pro and now Matthias Marquardt (EMAC) let me know of a very, very, very recent update to BBFileScout. Here's what's new:

Send any file via Bluetooth to any other device that supports OBEX-Object-Push (experimental). Once you choose to send a file via Bluetooth, BBFileScout is opening a list of available Bluetooth devices that are in range (and that support OBEX-Object-Push) - The initial list will be empty and once a device will be detected the entry will be shown in the list. This Bluetooth device search could take some seconds - please be patient!  The new Option is now combined with eMail send function: Select any file, choose "send 'FILENAMEHERE'" from the bb-menu and then select, if you want to send the selected file via eMail or (new) send it via Bluetooth.

Already a fan of BBFileScout - I'm glad to see this added to the applications list of features. If you happened to miss the review from a couple of days ago, click here. Download the donationware application here.'s feed sponsored by BBFileScout Updated to v0.5.14!!

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Tags : blackberry, rim

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