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Archos June 11 Event Invitation Points at an Android MID Device

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mardi 19 Mai 2009


Look, we know that you can't really confirm that an Archos Android MID is going to be released on June 11th but since we've already heard reports of such device, it takes far less of a leap to believe that the Android MID by Archos is forthcoming.

Plus, the shade of green on the invitation should might as well be called Android-green, the similarity is too striking to be a coincidence right? And that faint MID-esque device in the background? We're sold! Our previous report said that the Archos Android MID device will sport a 5-inch touchscreen packaged in an ultra-thin body with hi-def video playing capabilities. It sounded sweet then and it sounds even sweeter now.

Do you guys think the Archos June 11th event is Android-focused? Or could it just be a mere coincidence?


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