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"Application Basics" Webcast Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Lundi 14 Septembre 2009

Following up on the story we posted not too long ago, the Mitch Allen "Application Basics" free webcast went off without a hitch. Thankfully, for those like myself who missed it, O'Reilly Media has uploaded the recording of it to YouTube, though it looks like the last few minutes were cut off.

This is of course the second webcast in the series and as such, covers the second chapter of the WebOS book, of the same name.  While the first webcast/book chapter was a general overview and introduction of what the WebOS is like, this webcast was a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of the WebOS.  The appinfo.json file and basics of scenes and their controllers are explained quite well.

This webcast series is just the thing that I've been wanting Palm to do; not only just giving an SDK and the option to buy a book on how to program, but actually engaging the developer community.  What better way that a free video webcast to explain the book and the WebOS platform, both explaining how the various components work, but also giving practical examples of usage.

If anyone reading this has ever thought about programming for the WebOS, I highly recommend this webcast series, and await eagerly for the next one.

Update: The Palm Developer Network Blog has some Q&A up from the event.

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