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AddresSave - Adding Contacts Made Easy

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Lundi 31 Août 2009

Addressave for BlackBerry!

Here's a quick utility from Fabian Heuwiser that was just released the other day. AddresSave allows for automatic adding of contacts that email you with their name and email address being placed in all the correct fields. AddresSave also has built in "blocking" of email addresses as well, so if you don't want to have FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter etc. email addresses being added to your address book you can block them and never have to worry about it.

After having used Gwabbit and Anagram I can safely say I prefer this application over them both as it's simple, no third party servers are involved and it just works in the background with no interference. I can see how some may not appreciate it adding certain items but that is of course a personal preference. For me this is a great alternative. You can download Address Save for only $1.49 until September 4th from the CrckBerry App Store (regular price is $2.99).'s feed sponsored by AddresSave - Adding Contacts Made Easy

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