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ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet Launched

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mercredi 16 Septembre 2009


The ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet has finally launched. We at Android Central have been expecting the ARCHOS 5 to release for months now and true to their word, September 15th was their date. The ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet specs are the same as we've previously reported and to quickly refresh your memory, that's a 800x480 4.8-inch screen, 800MHz OMAP3440 processor, 720p video and output over HDMI, capacity up to 500GB, 802.11n WiFi, etc. internet tablet for your liking.

Early reports on the ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet have been pretty positive, it's definitely a better offering than your run-of-the-mill media tablet. Who's interested in getting one of these for themselves?


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