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AOL working on getting into Synergy sync

Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Dimanche 23 Août 2009

AOL Sync Update and webOS

It was several weeks ago that we discovered the building blocks for AOL support inside webOS, but we also knew that getting that support was contingent upon action from both AOL and Palm. Well, recently AOL released a huge update to their sync services, adding 70 new devices to the list. The Pre was not on that list, so PreCentral member and Twitter user Bill decided to ask AOL for Synergy support. Their answer: we’re working on it.

AOL Sync is powered by Funambol, an open source synchronization and push email service. Currently Funambol is supported on over two billion devices, including the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones, though Palm has not updated the Pre to support Funambol. Doing so would not only bring AOL Sync to the table, but would also enable corporations to easily set up a push email and synchronization server without having to deal with Microsoft Exchange of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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