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Virgin Mobile Canada Adds Pearl Flip 8230

Rédigé par Adam Zeis le Lundi 11 Mai 2009

  Virgin Pearl Flip

Earlier today, recent Bell aquistion Virgin Mobile Canada added the Pearl Flip 8230 to their lineup. This comes on the heels of Alltel's recent release south of the border. Virgin Mobile customers can snag the 8230 free if you are willing to sign a 3-year contract. A 2-year plan will run you $299, while a 1-year comes in at $349. There is unfortunately nothing new to this device either. It comes only in black with a 2MP camera, MicroSD slot, dual LCDs, 128MB flash memory as well as the rest of the standard BlackBerry fare. You can head on over to Virgin Mobile's product page to learn more or pick one up. 

[ via Mobile Syrup ]'s feed sponsored by Virgin Mobile Canada Adds Pearl Flip 8230

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