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Verizon: We'll Have the Pre 'Early Next Year'

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Lundi 27 Juillet 2009

Keep calm, Verizon lovers: despite Sprint's huffiness about the length of their exclusivity, Verizon is stalwart in maintaining that the Pre will hit their network.  Digital Daily listened in to a big V quarterly financials conference call in which the executives state that "they plan to carry the Pre 'early next year.'"

What "early" means in this case is basically up for grabs (hey, at least it's not the dreaded "First Half of" phraseology).  Don't forget, though, that earlier this month the word "January" was tossed about.  We'll be curious to see if Verizon will deign to alter their decidedly more expensive plans to accommodate the Pre -- and by "curious" we mean "shocked and amazed."

Now, Verizon, listen very closely: your plans to not allow Palm's own App Catalog to come preloaded on the Palm Pre are dumb.  Don't do that.

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