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If you've been wanting a Treo Pro but the price made you pause, [via] may have the answer you've been looking for. The $399.99 price tag, with free shipping, is the lowest price we've seen for the unlocked Windows Mobile phone. We liked the Treo Pro when it was first released last year, we still like it now, and the lower price makes it even more attractive.

And speaking of the Treo Pro, there's a rumor floating around that it might finally get some carrier subsidy love from AT&T in the coming weeks. This is highly unsubstantiated (we couldn't get anything official from AT&T), so take it with a huge grain of salt. The post at HowardForums says $250 on contract. But we're not gonna bet the farm on that just yet.

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Rédigé par George Ponder le Mardi 14 Avril 2009

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