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Tip: Enable Auto-Complete on Touch Pro 2

Rédigé par Malatesta le Mercredi 9 Septembre 2009

This little trick (enabled traditionally under Settings --> Input) basically suggests words as you type. It serves two purposes when typing:

  1. It makes typing long words quicker
  2. Acts like default spell-check

I've been using it for years and for some reason,  at least on the Sprint Touch Pro 2, they disabled this function. Grr. Thankfully monomer888 hit me up on Twitter and linked me to this XDA post which details how to re-enable it.  Awesome

Grab your favorite registry editor and peep after the break to make the two easy registry changes! Need a registry tutorial?  Right here.


(Note: There is a slight change from the original post where the Sprint version is "ET9" instead of "XT9")

IMPORTANT: Be sure that

HKLMSoftwareTegiceT9XT9SupportMSSip has a value of 0

Simply change these two registry keys under:


  • Ime File: windowset9ime.dll  --> Ime File: windowscompime.dll
  • Layout Text : ET9 IME --> Layout Text : COMP IME

Soft reset and you're done!

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