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Stanford's Revolutionary Cinder OS Being Ported to the T-Mobile G1

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Jeudi 16 Avril 2009


Leave it to the kids at Stanford to cook up a new smartphone OS for mobile devices AND try to port it over to the T-Mobile G1. Even though we're Android-focused here at Android Central we can't help but geek out at a new mobile OS and its potential. We think that the smartphone market is much too young to plateau so early so it's refreshing to see a new take at the operating system.

So what is Stanford's Cinder OS? It's basically an OS that is built from the ground up to "handle the power and security requirements of mobile devices". What's the point? Well, their argument is that smartphone operating systems based on larger hardware platforms (such as Linux) simply aren't ideal for mobile devices--performance isn't optimized and the requirements are significantly different.

So what's so cool about this Cinder OS? Well, imagine an application running on your mobile device. Now imagine that application isn't running as fast as you would like, well a Cinder-based phone could include a button for you to "boost energy allocated to that application" and thusly boost performance. Think of it as a turbo button for smartphones. Wouldn't that be flippin' cool on the G1?

There are some other great features that Cinder uses and the whole article can be found in the Read link. If you're anyway interested in smartphone OS's, it's a fantastic read.

[via networkworld]

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